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Specializing in Swiss-type CNC Automatic Lathes, Star CNC provides an extensive product line designed to meet a full range of machining needs for the production of precision parts.

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Introducing a New Dimension for Machining Complex Parts

The SR-38B, 10-axis Swiss-type automatic lathe is the latest addition to the Star CNC product line and sets a new standard for machining complex, large diameter parts with high operation efficiency. Rigid machine construction is designed to handle bar stock up to 1-1/2” (1.500) diameter. With B-axis versatility, complex parts can be produced in one operation with the precision and accuracy required by quality critical applications in a variety of industries. Star’s proprietary motion control system further optimizes machining operations and significantly reduces idle machine time.

Star Motion Control System

Star’s proprietary motion control system optimizes machining operations Our motion control system can control the position of multiple tools, tool feed rate and machining speed. Each control system is able to function independently, allowing all tools to carry out separate operations to achieve optimum machining.  An added advantage of this system is a significant reduction in idle machine time.